Septic Inspection Acceptance

Septic Inspection Acceptance Form

This is for Inspection

Atlas Septic will be performing a septic inspection for the below mentioned property. Atlas Septic uses the NJDEP state form for the inspection. Atlas Septic will be probing the field, digging up the D-box for inspection also exposing and pumping the septic tank. We will be calling for utility mark-outs for the property prior to inspection. Atlas will not be responsible for any miss marked utility lines.

Due to the work needed to be done, Atlas Septic cannot and will not be responsible for any damage occurring to the landscaping, asphalt, and sprinkler systems. Atlas Septic will try to avoid any damage from occurring

This is an authorization to proceed with a Septic Inspection. I have read, and agree to, and have received a copy of this inspection authorization.

Septic Inspection Acceptance

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